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Oxylobium robustum – Golden Shaggy Pea
26 September 2023
Baeckea imbricata – Heath Myrtle
26 September 2023
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Zieria prostrata – Headland Zieria



A Spreading perennial ground cover with dark green, glossy leaves and masses of small pink to white ‘starry’ flowers. as it naturally occurs on coastal heaths. It is restricted to just four headlands in northern New South Wales, 20km north of Coffs Harbour.

As a ground cover, it forms mats and mounds, ideal for landscaping and rockeries. On a ledge or in a pot, it will cascade attractively over the edges. It can be reliably grown in a range of soil types and positions in the garden but is best suited to well-draining soil. It can be grown in full sun, but thrives in filtered light under trees. It is frost-hardy once established, tolerates coastal salt spray, but performs best in a sheltered position