Bush Regeneration

Bush regeneration restores health to natural habitats by controlling threats and allowing native plants to flourish.

Over the past two decades TIN has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in bush regeneration, native vegetation conservation and land management.

Trees in Newcastle offers a professional bush regeneration service with a skilled team and conscientiousness contract management.

Why do we do it?

Biodiversity is the web of life that envelopes the earth. It includes ecosystem diversity, species diversity, and genetic diversity. Australia is one of only 12 countries world-wide to be recognised by scientists as mega-diverse. Our plants and animals have evolved in relative isolation and are truly unique. 84% of our mammals are found nowhere else in the world. Meanwhile, our rate of land clearing is out-paced by only four other countries. Since European settlement, reduction in native habitat has led to 100 known plant and animal extinctions, 82 from New South Wales. Newcastle alone is home to 30 threatened species.

Which brings us to bushland. Natural bushland supports an abundance of native plants and wildlife, even in urban pockets. Connected tracts of bushland, sometimes protected in National Parks provide green corridors where native plants disperse and animals roam throughout their range, conserving genetic diversity.

Bushland is not just for plants and wildlife. It provides important services for people. Trees sequester carbon and provide shade, reducing both the cause and effects of climate change. Natural ecosystems filter and store water and control erosion, protecting catchment quality. Bushland is a place to connect with nature and feel rejuvenated.

Bushland needs our help

It is being cleared, dumped on, choked by weeds, polluted, eroded and generally treated badly. This is where bush regeneration comes in. Bush regeneration counteracts land degradation by controlling threats (erosion, weeds), and nurturing regeneration of native plants, only replanting if necessary.

Imagine hand-weeding your garden, x 1000, forever. This is what bush regenerators do (and love it!). The work is slow but sure.

How do we do it?

The best regeneration strategies are long term. Weeds have a role to play providing food and shelter for wildlife and preventing erosion. On the coast, Bitou Bush creates a wind-break sheltering seedlings from salt winds.

This is not to say that we just accept the weeds on our sites. We consider the positive aspects of weeds and understand natural processes at work on a site before planning the best strategy for gradual or mosaic removal. Regeneration, either natural or assisted, should replace not only the aesthetic value in the re-vegetated landscape but the functional values as well.