Did you know that all donations to Trees In Newcastle are tax-deductible?

We’re a registered charity and enjoy deductible gift recipient (DGR) status. Tax deductible gifts can take many forms

  • Monetary donations over $2
  • Anything that can be owned (services are not deductible) of monetary value – vehicles, property, tools or paint!

What will your dollar do?

  • $5 will allow for one plant to be propagated, planted and cared for. We’re currently seeking donations to add to our National Tree Day 2018 planting at Belmont Wetlands State Park, a conservation area of 549 hectares.
  • $200 will provide a school in the lower Hunter with plants for an educational garden within their grounds.
  • $380 will allow Trees In Newcastle to join a local Landcare group for a day and help upskill their team.
  • $1000 will allow Trees In Newcastle to host a school group and teach them how to propagate their own plants.
  • $1600 will allow Trees In Newcastle to run a weed i.d and removal workshop for volunteers, community members or professionals.
  • $2000 will allow a professional team to perform targeted seed collecting, ensuring that there is species diversity for community plantings.

How to Donate

If you would like to deposit straight in to Trees In Newcastle’s Public Fund it’s as easy as visiting our page at GiveNow , a secure service provided by and Westpac .

If you would like to support TIN through donations of property, shares or business stock, call our office on 0456 579 289 or send us an enquiry.