About Us

Improving biodiversity in the Hunter since 1989

Protecting, promoting and enhancing local native vegetation and supporting people with a passion for plants

Our Achievements

We are a proud community organisation with a strong record of supplying high-quality local native plants, completing bush regeneration projects with sensitivity and intelligence, designing attractive and diverse gardens, providing unique opportunities for volunteer groups and engaging our members and supporters in environmental education activities.

  • TIN has grown over 1.5 million plants since propagation began in 1992.
  • Last year our bush regeneration team planted over 26,000 native plants across our region.
  • In 2010 alone our education program helped build knowledge, understanding, skills and positive attitudes with 90 primary and 37 secondary teachers, 533 primary students and 380 secondary students.
  • TIN has over 50 regular and active volunteers who annually provide 18,500 hours of time and energy to the organisation and the community.