Bushfire Recovery Program

Improving biodiversity in the Hunter since 1989

This project was proudly supported by The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife

FNPW has assisted Trees in Newcastle to develop our infrastructure in order to increase our capacity to propagate and nurture tubestock for this purpose. TIN now has a new igloo, undercover potting area, and best of all, solar power for an automated irrigation system. Our future plans include a large shadehouse and a new irrigation system.

Trees in Newcastle has pledged 10,000 trees per year for 3 years to assist with environmental recovery in the Local Government Areas identified as affected by the 2019-202 Black Summer fires. These plants are grown from locally sourced seed stock, and nurtured in our nursery until they are ready to be given to eligible landholders for planting out.

If you are interested in this program please check it out at https://fnpw.org.au/project/bushfire-recovery-nurseries/

To find out if your area is listed for the Bushfire Recovery Program check out the following link: https://www.bushfirerecovery.gov.au/your-community/local-area-profiles#/map

Small grants are also available at https://fnpw.org.au/grant/bushfirerestoration-grants/

You can also contact Trees in Newcastle Nursery to see if we can help you with your revegetation needs at nursery@treesinnewcastle.org.au


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